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My Story

Life has mysterious ways to guide us.

It all began when I was a child, fascinated by skin art, although it was negatively tainted.

I couldn't understand how something so beautiful and full of history could be received with prejudice.

The innocence and inquisitiveness made me ignore the cold and dismissive words and answers of adults regarding tattoos.I was looking for answers, I wanted knowledge.

I browsed old tattoo magazines with wonder and hoped one day to experience this art for myself. 

 We forget many things from childhood, but sometimes it is moments and people that shape our lives forever.  For me, that was my uncle.

Condemned by many people and also not a "model citizen" but an incredible kindness of heart that still accompanies me today.

He was tattooed and answered my questions with seriousness and love.

My whole school notebooks were full of tribals and sketches from elementary school to college.

As it happens, I also took many detours on my way to arrive here today.

I studied law, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to make my family proud, even though it didn't make me happy.

What I disregarded was that my family didn't value what my career path looked like as long as I was happy.


For various reasons, I arrived in Sweden at some point. I worked hard and was physically and mentally burdened, I felt like trapped without a way out.

I had the desire to be me again and do something that made me happy.

 I took a pen again and drew tribals.... I felt better, but it was not enough, so I bought a tattoo machine and started tattooing myself.

Forced by time and money I put everything aside again.... "it was just a dream, you will never make it", I told myself.

More and more I put myself under pressure and did not allow myself to believe in my dream, because dreams remained only dreams.


Years go by and here I am again, trapped in monotony, no way out, no hope.

But then I met my mentor and with his help and support of my family I was finally ready to risk everything for a dream.


But  without support I would not be here because many others before had rejected me.

When I found out about the school Hantverkslärling from Leksand, I had hope.

I was received and cared for with so much kindness and that I began to fear that it was not true.

Because I never thought that such an opportunity would ever be granted to me.


Today I can only say that I am infinitely grateful that Christine Karlström recognized my potential and supported me.

She has simply changed everything for me, I am finally allowed to live my dream, I can finally learn and answer the questions from my childhood.

Like a red thread has accompanied me tattooing, it was a hard long way to get here, but I regret nothing.


I recommend Hantverkslärling to everyone, i am sure they will find necessary help and good guidance throughout the course.


Christine is the person who influenced me the most with her kindness, help and understanding,  for which she will remain in my and the studio's history.


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